Friday, November 30, 2007

Where's Waldo: Justin Edition

A friend found this on YouTube and called me up to tell me that I'm inadvertently in this video. This was from a Rob Bell thing I went to last week. IMHO, I thought the OVERALL message of what he was saying was great. It was a message free from guilt and full of healing. These guys really should have bought a ticket!

You can find me walking past around the 7:20 mark.

Understand, I don't make fun of these people! It saddens me to see these methods used. I listened to them and just shook my head saying: "and that's one BIG reason why a lot of people here/I know don't go to church and don't want to be a Christian...because this is what they think of!" It hurts me so to think of the means that they chose to spread their "good news". Yelling at people they're going to hell as they walked by (because to many, that was all they heard), is not what I would consider good news. The second preacher even told me that Rob Bell doesn't love me?!!? I never thought he did... but I guess he thought I needed to know that for sure. It's OK Rob... my life is not dependent on your love!!!! I'm not angry with you:)

However I was told immediately after that that God indeed was angry with me, but God loved me (I guess in response to where Rob doesn't??). Interesting message! I think I'll stick with thinking more on the main event that night: the depth and beauty of Rob's message! I really don't agree with what these guys say about Rob's content... but what can you do? I do give them props for the dramatic Star Wars style crawl at the beginning. And Its always good to be reminded that everyone there was damned to hell... always a crowd-pleaser!

P.S. Some of the comments on the YouTube vid. page are worth the read. I really like that people pat these guys on the back for "speaking the truth in love". I found nothing loving in my experience with them. One was even offered a hug by the guy standing beside me, and the preacher in blue pushed him away! Man! Perhaps I should go back and study what the bible means when it says "speak the truth in love". I'll get back on that one!


  1. We were there. My friend even tried to give him a hug. My friend said, that when he tried to give the man a hug, he said, "No sir! I do not want your hug!." It's be pretty funny if it was my friend that you saw attempt to hug the guy.

  2. Yeah,
    Jamie was with me and we saw you. We yelled at you from the box seats upstairs. I wouldn't be surprised if that WAS your friend that tried to give the guy a hug...It seems I remember the preacher saying something to that effect. Sad really... who doesn't want a hug???

  3. So, it was definitely Corey that you saw. You can see it on the video at the -3:00 mark. The guy backs away and says, "I don't want your hug, sir." Then, Corey walks away.

    That's funny about you yelling from the seats upstairs. I thought I heard someone yell my name, but I couldn't figure out if they (you guys) were actually talking to me. The bad part is that I couldn't make out faces that far away (getting old). So, I was like, "Well, maybe they were talking to someone else."