Tuesday, November 06, 2007

We Didn't Start the Fire

A great song from a great artist that brings back many MTV memories.
I really like this video version because of 1) the quotes (read them all and think on them), and 2) because it uses a lot of my favorite Pulitzer photography.

This is what postmodern living is like! It's a reaction to the modern worldview. In postmodern Christianity, it is an attempt to reclaim what was lost in modernity's systematic, binary, and boxed-in thinking. It's an attempt to reclaim authentic faith, and get past the internal battle that rages within us (yes I intentionally use militant like language because it is an appropriate metaphor for this context, and is not insensitive because we are talking about something within ourselves, not waging war on others). To try and get beyond what we've always been taught to believe so that we can see Christ anew. Postmodern Christian leaders are being criticized left and right, when all they are trying to do is free themselves and others to reexamine our faith. Postmodern Christianity, and those that are a part of it, have been under attack by many others of the same faith, but remember, "we didn't start the fire"...we are just trying to extinguish the flames before they totally ruin our faith in religion and Christianity!

Just something to think on.

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