Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Looking Acceptance, But will Settle for Tolerance....

Another Vid. Stolen from Tripp's Blog. Ann Coulter.... hmmmmm. Why is it that these are the Christians that get press time???? I don't think (at least I really pray and hope) that the majority of Christians would not think this way. TA HUH HERRIBLE Theology!!!!

"I don't want you to be offended by that." Well, then just don't say it!

New Rule: think before you speak....I know it will take a while to sink in since I just made that one up off the top of my head!

I think Jeff's comment on Tripp's blog (click on above link for the original post and comment) is getting at something!!!!!!

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  1. I believe the word is "shiksa," and it's Seinfeld Season 9, episode 159 ("The Serenity Now" episdode) if anyone is keeping tabs.