Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Why You Hatin'?: Emergent and Her Attackers

I borrowed the pic. from Scott's post, originally by Rob Thomas.

A great post by Scott Childress on his blog.
Entitled "emergent is DANGEROUS!!!"
He asks the question, why are people so hateful towards things like emergent? A question I keep asking those who are that way, and have yet to get them to give me a satisfactory answer. The post is great, and the comments are all worth reading (except for some justin guy:)

Check it out here!!!

what are your thoughts? I would love to hear them here or I can read them on Scott's blog!


  1. HEY!

    thanks for linking to this post...

    i live in VA, but am originally from NC - where are you at in the Tar Hill state?

    seems we have a lot in common - i would love to get to know you.

    thanks again!


  2. Josh,
    good to see you again! I wish I could take credit for the pic. but Scott is the one who found it. I would love to know how he stumbled on that one?? Hope u r well Josh!

    Hey man,
    no prob, glad to link to relevant and good posts. It's easier than stealing and writing my own:)
    I'm in Apex, NC (10-15min. from Raleigh).

    I'd love to get to know you more. I added you to my blogroll, I hope that it helps your readership as, Like Josh, I think your posts have a lot of really good thoughts and comments! Thanks for responding here man! hope our paths continue to cross.

    thanks to both of you!

  3. your last comment at challies was very good. you'll have to teach me how to politely call someone an idiot without having the comment deleted... :)

    i often catch myself throwing the baby out with the bathwater on what the bible says or means or is. i have to occasionally read what they post and not just sit there, ready to "pounce" out a response.

    i'm not sure what to say about david's comments... i certainly was never obscene! :) i may have used a 'hell' or a 'damn' here and there. vulgar? obscene? c'mon. are we puritans? i don't think i ever mentioned his mother or anything...

    right now i have mixed emotions about all this. and it comes out thesewise:

    a) arrogant-me:
    it irks me having to let somebody like david get the last word in. at a public forum, no less.

    b) grandiosi-me:
    like mclaren writes, everything must change, including how we look at scripture. i truly would like to participate in discussions about the solas - perhaps there's a 2nd reformation coming. in 2012, of course.

    c) funnyguy-me:
    wanted to post a comment that said david is cute when he gets angry, and tie the 18-minute gap (nixon) to my lost comments, and then point them to my blog because i've kept them all... humor is good medicine, and the doctor is IN, but david would delete it as soon as he saw it.

    6) eschatolo-me:
    are the end times here? do i have a role? challies and pyros and founders (oh my!) need to be called onto the carpet for their bibliolatry and arrogance. their knowledge-puffeth-up'd hubris is ruining the word "Christian". or maybe i'm just the Phalse proPhet.

    d) sad-me:
    if i'm really coming across as he writes, "vulgar, profane ... obscene ... incorrigibly guilty", then i'll have to step back. if it's true, i really am sorry, and i'll have to see where my communication "skills" are failing me - and why i keep getting banned (pyros, too).

    really. i'm serious. this stuff is important to me, and if i'm coming across in a way that keeps making everyone show me the door, i'll do something about it.

    mike rucker
    fairburn, georgia, usa

  4. the picture is the work of my friend Rob Thomas, from New Bern, NC and a member of our faith community at friendship...

    he's a college student home on break and noticed the sign, took a picture, and sent it to me...

    i hope it gets some good circulation - that thing is classic.

  5. Thanks Scott, I've updated the caption to give credit where credit is due! As a photographer myself, I like to make sure credit is given...I'm quirky like that:)

    Thanks for the compliment. I'm not trying to "polite", but I just didn't want to be mean either...it's a tough line to walk on line since tone is interpreted.

    I never saw many of your past comments on Tim's site save the ones that we met over and this last post. I have never seen anything that is worth calling you a "troll" and banning you. I think David has some slight control issues when it comes to that... Perhaps you were just too challenging for them. It's easy to see when someone comments consistently yet always seems to disagree as someone who is only in doing it to start fires. I mean, the people that are "fundamentalists" like Ken, are the authorities on saying outrageous things simply to start fires and get attention. I think they assume that because they do it, that everyone else who disagrees are doing the same. Have you seen the latest comments by Ken to me? I shall respond soon, hopefully with love while staying clear and "true" to my beliefs.

    I understand where you're coming from in your self-analysis. I think I fight with most of those myself. My response to you, "hell" and "damn" are in the Bible, as is "ass"... wow! the Bible is vulgar! People need to get over some casual profanity, esp. when that profanity is really not a big deal, and I'm sure you didn't "damn them all to hell", thus not mean! (although interestingly enough, I've had people on "their front" say that to me.

    Let me try to systematically respond as you have broken it down:
    a) I know how you feel, a battle I have a lot, and why I try not to comment on posts like that often. I have to respond to Ken to clear things up, but I'm sure that I will have to give in and let him have the last word.

    b) Same thing, even though I KNOW I can't change their mind, I can't help myself but to allow my voice (and the voices of those like me who aren't present on those sites) to be a part of the "discussion". Unfortunately, the actuality is that they abandon a civil discussion early on for more of an attack/defend back and forth. I've found a FEW that are willing to talk and have a ongoing conversations, but most view me as some sort of threat with my non-fundy ideas.

    c) Yeah, I'm not as good at this as you. I think that your humor is fantastic. It's my kind of humor. I find when I use any style of humor I have to turn around and explain my humor... ends up being useless in writing. I don't think that you should stop your humor, it's part of who you are, and some people respond well to that. I do know that most of these attack/defend people can dish out sarcasm, but can't see it. I have to watch that. My psychologist wife has worked hard on me on that one. Just know, I love it, and it always makes me laugh. It's one of the things that makes your blog a joy to read. I wish that my humor came through as well as yours in my posts.

    6???) Nice! yeah, I am ashamed to announce I'm a Christian sometimes because what others are doing. There's a podcast on Emergent Villiage by Salmir (can't think of his last name) called "finding God in other". He also has an article in "Emergent Manifesto of Hope" which follows up these thoughts: the radical idea of the death of "Christianity". I plan to blog on it, but I'm waiting on my discussion group to discuss it. I'd love to hear your thoughts. It speaks much of Christianity embodying humility... what an interesting idea! Something we certainly don't see on these blogs we cross.

    d) don't stop being you. I love that you can still post and it stays up on Tim's site until someone deletes it. So until he completely moderates the comments, at least you can still be up for 30 min. or so. I would write, "look, you erasing me is sending a terrible message, if I look like an ass, then just let me look like an ass and make yourselves look better. You can't just erase everything that you disagree with or rubs you wrong. Try leaving me up and then instead of deleting me, point out where I am being "vulger, profane, obscene, etc..." Because otherwise, I don't see it. I can't correct it if your policy is to just ban me. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) we have to be the ones to model humility since they won't) There goes our pride but it keeps us in the conversations?

    IDK dude, like I said, I haven't seen it at all. But I have to admit that I can no longer thing like them.

    hang in there man, at least you still have your own voice on your blog, and I don't censor on mine...kinda defeats the purpose of comments for me (and there has been some mean comments I've wanted to delete, but they have the right to have their voice heard). I just wonder why Tim never seems to respond to his own comments section. I am challenging his approach to reviews, and no word?? He might as well just not have a comments section like Mr. Silva.

    You are welcome here anytime bud!
    peace dude!