Thursday, March 27, 2008

Do You Dream?

I couldn't entitle this "What Do You Think" again.
Of course this video was put up with all kinds of negative commentary, but I just want to know what you think about what's said in this video. What do you agree with, what do you disagree with. WHY?

Feel free to share your "Dream".
By Dave Parker:


  1. I liked the content of this video. Honestly I would have much rather read the transcript of it rather than watched it for a few reasons. I am grateful that when he said "saved" he didn't leave it at that. Saved. He described what he meant by that. I think though, and not to hit on a hot button issue only but the church as it evolves is going to have to figure out how it is going to deal with the sexuality issue and gender roles. Not that a community must be homogenous in either area, but the spectrum of attitudes concerning people of various lifestyles is quite broad. The passages that on the surface condemn things like homosexuality need to be clarified and it needs to be figured out if the writers really meant what, on the surface and in the english, they say. And then once these verses from the text is understood properly we as community--as a body--need to figure out what we are to do with this and how if at all it is to apply to us.

  2. Just to clarify the first sentence and how it seems to kinda drift to another topic. I hadn't intended on discussing the presentation, though after re-reading the beginning of my reply, it seems as if I was going to.

  3. Ha,
    that's ok, i do that a lot.

    I completely agree with you. Although I lean towards things like homosexuality not even being an issue. It seems that the Ch. (esp. in the south) are about 50 years behind on that topic as others.

    The thing is, I have some very good resources on that topic, but people will make up their minds more based on their upbringing, phobias, and personal experiences (or lack of them), rather than solid historical/exegetical arguments, or even medical/psychological arguments. Unfortunatly, I have been kicked out of a Church (don't know if you read that in prev. posts) for "having a gay friend". Didn't matter what my beliefs were, they just knew I had a friend who was gay, and thought that being his friend openly was "setting a bad example". Yes. Because loving others no matter what is not a Christian attitude to model:) sorry, sarcasm helps with the pain.

    best look at the Biblical side of the topic is Eugine F. Rogers... can't remember the name off his 2 books. One's a collection of essays from all sides, and one is his book on sexuality and the human body.

    thanks again for responding.