Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tony Jones On "Liberal Christianity"

Tony Jones, head of Emergent Village, and a key figure in the Postmodern Christian journey, has an interesting post over on his blog. A person who is constantly called liberal by people who oppose Emergent (as well as ANYTHING that is different from their own beliefs), calls liberal Christians "boring".

I really like this article because, 1) Postmodern Christianity DOES NOT equal "liberal theology, 2) because liberal and conservative are NOT the only options (not black and while, either/or), and 3) because being liberal is not necessarily better than being conservative/fundamental; it's a reaction not progress.

Anyway, check out his post HERE and leave your thoughts!

ADDITION: I was looking back, and I think that this is a fantastic contrast (in a difinitive way for Emergent/Postmodern Christianity) with the video interview/discussion in my last post where Tony is being challenged as a "liberal" (using John Crisham's own word-choice here from his past blogs concerning Tony and the Emergent Movement).

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