Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Gap Between Theological Edu. And Ministry?

I read this blog post today by Jonathan L Walton over on the site: Religion Dispatches: Critical Anaylisis For The Common good. I found it interesting.

In the state of life that I'm in, I've been asking some of these same questions. There is a point where I feel that Div. School did not adequately prepare me for life in the ministry. I don't feel like they addressed enough real-life Ch. issues, what it's truly like to be a minister, or are efficiently addressing the changing world-view that the Ch. is having to deal with.

Now I loved Div. School! Please don't get me wrong. I also think that Campbell Div. School is more in touch with the non-academic side of religion than many other schools. However, there were many classes (like OT, NT, Theology, and my Christian Ed. Classes) that have been very informative and helpful along the way. But there is SOOO much that no class ever addressed. Are our institutions of higher education losing touch with every day ministry? Is there a gap between the classroom and the pew?

Not quite sure where I stand on this, but it was interesting to read this article after the personal thoughts I've had, and even some of the conversations I've had on this same topic.

Please know, I'm not trying to place blame, but as the question, "how can Theological Education be done moer effectivly so that people are prepared for real-life ministry?"

Give it a read and let me know your thoughts!!!

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