Friday, December 21, 2007

Turning Things Upside Down

This video is really creatively done. I like how it is delivered and portrayed. It reminds me of how God often turns what I think upside down in my life!

God has faith in his creation. There is hope in us...hope in you....hope in me! Can we rise up to God's challenge in this world. Is his faith in us not enough to drive us into action? How about his love? His mercy? His grace? Who are we going to be in the new year? Are we going to continue this petty arguing, or are we going to replace our egos with responsibility. TRULY act as brothers and sisters in Christ, despite our theological differences? I want to work with all of you. I can put my pride aside for the good of mankind. Can you do the same?
This is the truth!
This is what should be real!

What are your thoughts?

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