Thursday, December 06, 2007

A Test Of Tolerance

Or: "I can't believe I find myself agreeing with Bill O'Rielly."

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I woke up to this article on Mitt Romney on the front page of the News and Observer.

I know this isn't "new news", but I was in the gym tonight when on CNN's Prime News , Bill Keller pops up and is again saying that "A vote for Romney is a vote for Satan"! Really? Satan? I should so write him in! (j/k), and just after I publish a post on Satan, Keller proves me wrong:P

Here again we have a "Christian" who has a very public platform spouting off at the mouth and, in the eyes of many, "representing the perceived views Christians". I tell you, these people just get under my skin. In no way is Keller, and many other Christians showing a loving attitude! I was looking for the clip from that show, and ran into this O'Rielly clip instead. Now I don't watch a lot of good ol' Bill, because...well I don't usually agree with him. But I find myself saying a couple of "Amen's" during this clip from back in June:

Now I never get into politics here, and I'm not now... I am not endorsing any candidate. What I am doing is defending my fellow man. The religious right has tried for years to turn our country into a "Christian country", when there never was an official religion! As a matter of fact, that is prohibited by the first amendment; "Establishment Clause"! (yes I did more research than just wiki). It just so happens that there were (and are) more Christians residing in the U.S. than not. That doesn't make it a Christian country. I won't go into other arguments against our country being founded as a "Christian nation". But that was not our forefathers intent!

I also bring in Article VI, which says: "No religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States." I read this to say that we should not be voting on someone based on their religious affiliate! I feel bad for Romney!

If you are reading this Mitt... I, as a Christian, do not consider you to be running on the card with Satan! I apologize for Keller and others like him who know nothing of love and tolerance although they may preach it. However, he is entitled to his say, as much as I hate it, protected also by the first amendment! Oh Paradox, will you never cease!

I don't want to get political on this, so I'll go social. As much as I applaud O'Rielly (did I just say that??) for standing up to Keller, I really think that the media plays a big role in this. Keller said this back in May, and he's STILL getting airtime on major News Networks??? What the crap? It reminds me of a child who only wants attention. If you ignore that child, they learn that they have to change their behaviour in order to receive attention in a proper manner. However, if you keep paying that child attention whenever he or she acts up, they will continue to act up because you have rewarded their efforts. You don't have to read a book on psychology or parenting to learn this...just watch The Dog Whisperer!

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