Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Screening What We Hear; Afraid To Let Us Think

Some of you may have seen the CNN news segment with Doug Pagitt and John Macarther that was on my blog post " 'Truth Wars' declares yoga a battlefield!" . It seems that, as rediculous as it is, there has been some fallout close to my home because of that, along with the comments made by Mark Driscoll towards Pagitt at the Southestern Seminary hosted Convergence Conference. Scheduled to speak at a conference on Oct. 16, the invitation to Pagitt has been revoked.

Click here For Tony Cartledge's full story on the situation. Tony, now working for "Baptists Today" paper, as well as a professor at CUDS, is the former editor of the "Biblical Recorder" (NC's Baptist Newspaper).

It seems that Baptists in NC (and outside) stricken by fear at the thought that new ideas that Pagitt would bring would allow people to think for themselves. Oh well for autonomy and priesthood of the believer. Lesson to be learned: Don't get on Macarther or Driscoll's radar...for what they say is gospel!


  1. What Mark Driscoll doesn't know is that I intentionally sneezed on his bag at the Acts 29 conference.

    I hope he gets a cold.

  2. ha! that's geat. honestly, i understand Driscoll parting ways theologically with EV, but i don't get the public bashing of Emergent leaders. i personally have some issues with Driscoll's theology, but he is free to believe and teach what he wants. But why attack old friends? I hate that there is polarization in the emerging realm!:( since u attend an acts29 ch. what's ur take on driscoll? I can't figure him out!

  3. I'm no longer attending that Acts 29 church, as of yesterday. My roommate that formerly worked there (and recorded much of that conference) was let go by them yesterday, and I've decided to leave the church with him.

    I'm still figuring out my thoughts on the polarization. I commented on this on my blog, but I feel like this is a very old and normal debate...and I think it's even more predictable that the debate would happen among old friends.

    I like Driscoll and do understand where he's coming from. I respect the fact that he stands up and says what he believes. And I think the thing he's most often criticized for "being a loudmouth" is also his greatest asset in some ways.

    Come to think of it, I think we're all like that. Our greatest asset is also our greatest weakness. I'll stop before it gets too deep in here.

  4. you know, you may have something there...once again you have left me with great wisdom to ponder!

    I'm sorry about your roommate. I won't ask the circumstances, but no matter, I feel his pain.