Sunday, July 12, 2009

Elevating The Conversation

My community this week is discussing this video. From OozeTV comes an interview with Andrew Marin who has spent a decade of pastoral work in the GLBT community. This interview has a lot of wisdom and insight in it. I never post about the topic of homosexuality because I don't want to be inundated with people fighting over IF it is "right" or "wrong"; "sin" or not! However, I think (and would love to hear your thoughts) that he has some great insight that sum up, stretch and challenge some of my own approaches to this topic. He speaks about HAVING THE CONVERSATION and ELEVATING THE CONVERSATION. Please leave your thoughts, what grabs you, and what perhaps you would like to add or disagree with. Please leave them in a respectful manner!

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  1. Justin, do you have contact information for Andrew Marin? I feel like God has been leading into this ministry. I have been looking for an outlet to this ministry. for more info. but I came out when I was at a religion major. I feel like God wants to put me where the need is in the glbt community. ~Angela Grijalva (you can find me on facebook


    I think this is the best way to get a letter to Andrew.

    Thanks for writing Angela. I do remember you (we are friends on facebook). I want to look more at your website when I have more time, but I like what I've seen. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you continue to follow God's will in your life! My personal belief is that the goal of life is to become the person into whom God is making each of us, and it is not for me or anyone else to say what your calling is or is not. In that spirit, I truly do wish you the best, and if there is any other way I can aid you in fulfilling your journey please let me know! You are welcome to email me on facebook for a more private dialog if should choose such. Thank you so much for reading and responding. No matter what anyone says, your call is from God and not mankind... keep following your heart!

    peace and love