Sunday, July 05, 2009

Doubt and Certianty

If you have not seen the movie DOUBT, you really owe it to yourself to rent it. Based on an award-winning play and with 5 Academy Award nominations, this movie is def. a watch, think, and discuss movie.

In the spirit of discussion I post here a portion of Mike Leaptrott's thoughts on the movie. I find this the best and most eloquent insight on the movie, as well as the faith journey, I've read. Check the full post out here at Progression of Faith.
From Mike's Post:
Brilliant movie! The best description I can think of is that it is a postmodern exploration of our sources for knowledge. The movie forces the viewer to ask questions about how we can "know" what it is we feel we "know". How do we come to "feel" certain? Is faith possible without doubt? Is doubt an act of faith? Is a search for truth a journey into the destruction of faith?

All of the performances are wonderful and each character helps us visualize a different foundation for epistemology. For some, our certainty remains in question until we acquire a particular level of evidence. For others, a declaration from some source of authority helps us claim to "know" with certainty. At times, we just can't locate the reasons why we feel so certain. These characters help us see that any search for truth is not a linear path from doubt to faith to knowledge; it's more of a constant interplay between all three. In the end, the movie explores the risks we take when we attempt to locate truth, a search which demands a willful sacrifice of our certainty, a deconstruction of our faith, and a full embrace of our darkest doubts.

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