Sunday, May 03, 2009

Quotes of the Week

I keep a collection of good quotes all nice and neat in moleskine journals, but there's been two this week that have really made me laugh...and well... I just like sharing.

1)Kevin Roose: The Unlikely Disciple
The closest I came to consistent faith was during my senior year religion class, when we learned about the Central and South American liberation theology movements and I became briefly convinced that God was a left-wing superhero who led the global struggle against imperialism and corporate greed. Sort of a celestial Michael Moore. (loc.162-64 -- That's Kindle Page #'s for the laity)
2) From our Bible Study Discussion Group tonight: talking with a life-long missionary to Zimbabwe
QUESTION: Don't you think we've over-focused on "getting people saved" and aren't their higher needs that need to be met than that? I mean like getting people clean water is saving them in one sense....

MISSIONARY'S ANSWER: Yeah! I mean you can't win a dead soul!
3) I like the quote by itself, but the cartoon added has it's own thought-provoking message

Art by jon birch @ From ASBO Jesus

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