Thursday, May 28, 2009


IDK why but I never can get enough of this song. As you may see on the right and down, I've been listening to Ben Folds Presents University a Cappella. Below is the UNC Loreleis performing their version of the song. Hauntingly beautiful and really refocuses the song on the lyrics.

The original song is a beautiful video and song of juxtaposition in our faith, the USA, morals, priorities, and such. There is something that rings so true in this song every time I hear it! Here's the link to the original Ben Folds video!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Man. Usually I'm with you. I think maybe a preference for Ben Folds is required. I'm not a big fan so I couldn't really get past the music part of the song...which is well, kinda important. I'm glad it speaks to you though. Hope you are doing well.