Thursday, November 20, 2008

Loss Of Focus?

I found these thoughts and news interesting from Adam over at POMOMUSINGS. Concerning James Dobson and Focus on the Family's priorities of late.

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It’s good to see that Dr. Dobson and the crew in Colorado Springs at Focus on
the Family really does put families first…well, maybe not those whose family members actually work at Focus on the Family. There was an interesting article in The Colorado Independent entitled “More
layoffs at Focus on the Family
” that told the story about how 202 jobs will
be cut from Focus on the Family. However, the article focused on how Focus on
the Family was one of the largest out-of-state financial backers for Prop 8 in
California. In fact, the organization gave $539,000 in cash and $83,000 of
non-monetary support to the fight to “protect marriage.” Over half a million
dollars spent to “protect” families from the dangers and evils of gay marriage.
Unfortunately, they didn’t do a good job of protecting their own; how 202
families will be suffering a loss and needing to find work elsewhere. Sure, the
current state of the economy is playing a major role in these layoffs, I’m sure.
However, the articles points out that this may simply be a good example of the
true priorities of Focus on the Family, and other like organizations. Are they
really trying to put families first? It’d be interesting to hear from some of
those who are going to be laid off, especially after Dobson and crew spent their
salaries trying to prevent gays in another state from getting hitched.

I ask myself, did they lose focus, or consciously decide that a loss to that many families was worth defeating prop. 8 (the same employees that helped fight that ironically enough). IDK, as someone struggling in this economic crisis with job security, I guess my priorities would have been a little different! Just my 2 cents tho... (which is worth absolutely nothing in this economy)

Your thoughts?


  1. The layoff was not because giving is down. In fact Fox news on line is showing a story saying that giving is staying steady, if not increasing. If the giving to Focus is down, it is because of content and not because the economy.

    I was laid off there two years ago. Focus keeps the money very close to the line on the non profit side.

    Focus on the Family ACTION, which is a whole different entity is a political machine, and the one that pursued prop 8 so vigorously. It is important to know they are two different organizations.

    Focus has lost it's way, there is no doubt. Dobson and the leadership team need to spend some time humbly seeking the lord and come back to work with humility on their minds.

  2. Thanks for your insightful comment. I am sorry for your layoff, I too know what that feels like.

    I agree that I am not clear on the inner workings of their finances... I guess the reason I re-posted Adam's thoughts here is because regardless of the financial workings, like most conservitive institutions (esp. over this past election season), there seems to be a LOT of mixed messages going out from their words verses their actions.

    Even if it is all separate, an institution can reorganize it's budget in order to keep priorities...well, priorities. But perhaps it did just that.

    I think your last paragraph says a lot about what I feel when thinking of such organizations (religious ones at least) lately. I def. have been thinking the same thing with the Baptist State Convention of NC after last week (of which I used to be a part years of years ago). If there is one thing that Christian organizations could use more of is humility and well as keeping tabs on reality. I say that as I heed my own advice!

    thanks for your insight and thoughts.

  3. Follow the power and the money and you'll usually figure out what's going on pretty quickly.

  4. My guess is that a million dollars is a mere drop in the bucket for FOTF to shell out . . .

    As I said, just a guess . . .

    I found your blog through Facebook. Very interesting reading. I especially enjoyed your list of favorite books from this year. The Pagan Christianity book was a fascinating read . . .

    Peace to you . . .

  5. Hey tysdaddy,
    Thanks for the "guess":) Your comments are always welcome and glad you stumbled onto here. I got a glance of your blog and it peaked my interest, I hope to spend some more time on there after Christmas travel. Your Wittgenstien quote jumped right out at me. A huge fan of the philosopher.

    thanks a bunch for reading, and I hope soon to follow up "Pagan" with Viola's newest book....a follow-up to Pagan. I have it, but it's on my "shelves to read list". If I get the chance, since there seems to be some overlap in our blogs, I might add you to my blogger buddies list...if that's ok?!

    thanks again for your participation and encouraging words. Hope we talk again on each other's blogs!