Sunday, October 05, 2008

God Bless America

Saw this as a new PostSecret and it rips my heart out.



$700 Bil. Bailout. I'm sure that this person will have their groceries delivered to their door next week!


  1. Yes, because I'm sure people all over America will find the card sender by using the return address on the POSTCARD?

    Duh, Justin? But yes, the message is very sad. In times of recession like this, it's a great time to give a local charity. Like.....The Catholic Diocese of Raleigh and their Homeless and Needy Outreach.

    Just a thought.


  2. Thanks for the plug Fussel. I would have to agree with your emphasis. NOW would be a GREAT time for the Church (Christianity in all it's formats) as well as individual churches to step up and fill the gap!! You give a great example of one possible way.

    Unfortunately, many Christian institutions and organizations in the protestant world are too busy trying to play in the politics than letting it go and stepping up to the challenge. I hear more about who to vote for from Christian leaders than I hear about poverty, hunger, economic crisis, etc... Thank God that there are some places out there doing something!!!

    thanks for your comment!!!