Monday, October 13, 2008

Cartoon Of The Day

Fishers of Men
Art by David Hayward

What is more astounding to me, is what's missing that you think WOULD/SHOULD be there!



  1. Some Comments from the copied note on facebook of this post:

    1)glad thats not our pastor, but sadly enough it does happen in a lot of churches...however we're blessed b/c God didn't call just pastors to be fishers of men, but he called us ALL to be fishers of men :)

    2)Sad but true cartoon. Not the church I attend. Posh bldg, yeah right! Parking, what a joke! positive messages, nothing but the truth of the Justice of God!

    And try going to church where your father in law is the pastor!!! And a very well read one at that!

    3)This cartoon is probably one of the truest things I've seen in a while.. definitely one of the saddest in terms of characterizing the church today. It's so simple to avoid this by just teaching God's word verse by verse in truth, love and grace.

  2. My response:

    Or the simple ability to redefine the measuring stick for "success" in churches. Perhaps we've gotten "too big for our britches", with our visions of how to make our church "bigger and better".

    What's interesting to me is that Christ never went for "bigger and better", he stayed small and simple.

    What's missing? Love, life, acceptance, engaging real lives, real faith, relationships, community. That's what will draw people in. Quality of these simple things over the desire to quantify for bragging rights that a spicific church is successful.

    I think it's interesting that the artist, david, put pastors in that boat. Obviously this can be true for other staff, I know many youth ministers with this same understanding....but what does "programming" targeted at gaining numbers really do in reality? Nothing more than boost the ego of the person in charge.

    It is sad that we will disregard the message and love of Christ for our own egos, yet when you read people arguing about who's right and who's not, it stems from that same desire: to inflate one's ego!