Monday, September 08, 2008

Guitar Hero: Praise Band Edition

Ok, so that's not the official title, but it made me laugh to see this. Guitar Praise (there's a video there that you should watch), was stumbled across while reading a blog Stuff Christians Like .

Having led "Praise and Worship" at a couple of churches, retreats, and events, as well as having performed and covered many "Christian Songs", I laughed at the premise. The popular Guitar Hero that this product is imitating, the idea is to make the player feel like a "rock star". Guitar Hero tries to allow the player to hit awesome/notorious/famous guitar riffs from songs throughout Rock history. So "Guitar Praise" allows people to live out their dreams of being a... worship leader? This product allows those devoted to Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) to play along with some of their favorite christian artists.

As far as Praise music goes, if a person picks up a guitar and learns 3-5 chords, a person can play 90% of the praise music out there for real!!! Same goes with a lot of the Christian artists. I'm mostly a rhythm (acoustic) guitar player, but even I can pick out a lot of the riffs from CCM. But Put SRV, Santana, Metallica, Rush, The Who, and the other famous guitar riffs on Guitar Hero and Rock Band in front of me and I sit frozen in awe at how awesome and talented their music truly is.

I'm not saying that there aren't some talented Christian Artists out there. I wouldn't mind some Switchfoot on GH or RB. But that's just it. If you want these bands to be added to the ever-growing list of downloadable songs, the publishers and programmers look at what songs and artists people have requested. This "Christian response" to a videogame franchise (not the first time this has happened) amuses me.

Here's how Amazon describes it:
Product Description Guitar Praise is a variation of a game (similar to the popular Guitar Hero) where you play a guitar to win the game. Instead of playing with traditional rock tracks, Guitar Praise includes over 50 popular devotional rock tracks.

Guitar Praise lets players act out their dreams of leading a rock band by playing along with their favorite Christian rock tunes. As the song and lyrics play, colorful notes scroll down the screen. Players must keep up by matching the notes to the fret buttons on the guitar controller included with the game. Four levels of play are offered. As the player completes songs, more tracks are unlocked and the challenge increases. Guitar Praise features 52 of the most inspirational and pulsating tracks from the Christian rock world, all by the original artists. Today's most popular hits are combined with classics from the 80's and 90's; the playlist includes titles from Flyleaf, Skillet, Stellar Kart, tobyMac, Newsboys, Petra, 12 Stones, Spoken, Whitecross, Thousand Foot Krutch, Paul Baloche, David Crowder, and Red, plus many others.

As players shred through their guitar solos, Guitar Praise records high scores per song. New songs, in sets of five, are unlocked along the way to keep the player's interest. By tilting the guitar, players can activate spinner bonuses; as they increase their skills they can earn new onscreen "guitars" with richer sounds and different effects.

What do you think?


  1. That's funny...I've seen that before, on some other website! It's about as close a statement on the overcommercialization of Churchianity as it gets. Next they'll have a DVD game of Name That Praise Lyric or Praiseoke. Not that Praise songs are bad---their artistic merits are as subpar as standard Pop. Yeah, give me the Who and Van Halen, but also Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen...haha! So I finally caught the Blog bug since everyone else has one.

  2. oh now I just want to rock out to the holy spirit. Its like you do not even know you are glorifying the Jesus even when you are. I never knew God could be so cool. I think this game is saving souls for Jesus because people are singing out how they love the Jesus and they don't even know they mean it. its awesome.......


  3. I'm an avid Guitar Hero player, having beat all the games they have on at least hard. And I've always wished they'd make Guitar Hero w/ Christian music. This game sounds awesome! I know, not many Christian praise songs have exciting guitar riffs, but i think the point was to create an alteritive for parents to get a clean guitar game for their kids.

  4. thanks Grace.

    I'm pretty sure that you're right on about WHY they made this game. But is the other one's really that bad? I mean they bleep out anything they need to (which I can't think of anything they've needed to bleep out in GH) IDK if I would consider the need for a "Clean" version of it. There's a reason they haven't put Christian artists on there (although I think I saw MxPx on the lineup for RockBand DLC this year), I just wonder what that reason was? not popular enough? not musically sound enough?

    IDK, i worry about parents who feel the NEED for a "christian alternative" to everything pop culture produces. It always seems to create a sub-par mirror Christian pop culture. How does that really teach kids how to engage culture and make decisions for themselves. In real life, there aren't always "Christian Alternatives". At some point in time we have to come out of our hidey-hole and engage reality.

    And honestly, what's so bad about the regular guitar heroes? Is it the "demon" presence of Rock and Roll portrayed? What makes me more leary about these kinds of things, is wondering how much of it is truly someone marketing and making money off of these parent's insecurities and desire to retreat from reality? I'm not always sure that these "Christian Marketers" motives are pure! Does that make sense?

    just some thoughts,
    thanks for your comments!

  5. The cool part is that no matter what their motivation is, it can still be used for good. Who cares?! I'm just glad my kid won't sing Slow Ride and maybe he'll pick up some more appropriate lyrics. Seriously, it doesn't have to have profanity to be bad.

  6. I agree music doesn't have to be profane to be bad. I have yet to point this out on here, but in the 20 downloadable songs with Rock Band 2 there is a Kutless song on it. Someone thought that this Christian band was worth putting in the content.

    Then again, when I was young I was singing "Slow Ride" when it came on the radio, but I didn't know what the song meant. It was just a good song to sing.

    I wasn't sheltered at all when it came to music, and I don't think I turned out too bad. But then again, I'm not a parent yet, so we will see if my mind changes later on.

  7. I have the actual guitar hero and i like it but I prefer it to be a christian game. I would like to see that game out on ps3. That would be a good idea for a game.I also have Rock band and that wouldn't be a bad idea for a christian game either. I like these games but they would be better in a christian version. They are still fn to play!!!

  8. I would love to rock out to kutless, thousand foot krutch,skillet, and toby mac. They are all great to listen to. I heard about kid that after he played this game he got saved. That is really awsome. That is a great way for god to show that he is caring for others and that he does exist.

  9. ok, i think it sounds awesome, i sold RB2 because i didnt feel right about keeping it, they need to add drums as well, not just guitar, also did that guy really just say the Jesus? how stupid does that sound? theres no need to add "the" before Jesus, it just makes you sound stupid