Monday, September 15, 2008

Asking The Question: Why I'm Not A Christian

Summit Church in Durham/ Briar Creek N.C.
(led by the well-known SBC pastor J.D. Greer) has been taking a survey online asking people to discuss "why I'm not a Christian."

I've read through the many responses (linked above), and don't want to comment on where J.D. is going with this or what he's said to this point, but I applaud the (mostly) unedited responses (J.D. says that the only ones deleted were vulgar/crude). I think it is an important question for churches to be asking, and even more importantly, they need to truly listen to the answers of the people. I know I have heard many of these stories (I've heard a friend call them "excuses", but they are stories and need to be respected). Some examples:

For a long time, I struggled with how God could possibly send good
people to hell. 2 years ago a friend passed away and she was not a christian,
but she was one of the best people I knew. She was nice and well-liked by
everyone, was always there for you when you needed her, put others before
herself, etc. Plus she was so smart and so talented and she died when she was
only 15. I refused to believe someone that amazing would go to hell when she
died just because she wasn't Christian. Plus, in her religion she believed she
would go on to another afterlife, so how should I know she didn't do what SHE
believed after she died? At this point, I do believe the only way to heaven is
thru Jesus, but I still struggle with that issue sometimes. I have a hard time
being SURE of what I believe on this topic.

I don't see any good reason to believe in a Christian god (or any god,
for that matter). Moreover, I am appalled by many many things that are
sanctioned in the bible. So even if I believed the Christian god did exist, I
would not respect him/her enough to become a Christian.

I feel that Christianity is too shaped by mankind's interpretations. I
do not believe that the life force that created and supports the magical
universe is capable of condemning souls to eternal suffering. I believe that the
bible and some other sources of Christian instruction have been heavily
influenced by culture through out the centuries. I believe in God but it is not
a single entity judging all from a place in "heaven". Why would such a loving
figure who is thought to know and foresee everything create humans knowing they
would fail to achieve the criteria to be "saved"? This has never made sense to
me. I think there is something more grand and fantastic out there behind the
scenes than the archetype of the Christian God.

Growing up my family was non-practicing Catholics. I went to a Catholic
High school as well but I did not participate in eating that unleven(sp?) bread
when ever we had to go to a 1hr BORING mass as I did not make my first communion
which I am happy about. Anyhoo, I am not a Christian because I don't feel people
have the right to dictate the way I live and what I should and should not
believe in. I simply believe in karma. Treat others the way you want to be
treated. I also don't believe in giving 10% of my pay so some person in the
church can live a sweet life with a tax free Mercedes and mansion. If you ever
read the bible you would know that Jesus asked that no churches be erected to
worship him. It's just a bunch of hooey. I feel sorry for the people that go to
church etc. I do however love living down south where everyone is a Christian
attending most of their Sunday having scripture crammed down their throats
because it means all the restaurants and Walmarts are ALL mine! No church goers
clogging these places. Please don't think I am 'bitter' or whatever, I'm really
not... I am quite happy in Life and have a great circle of friends and Family
without any church getting in the way. I know this one girl who was brainwashed
into being Christian while in college and she turned into the biggest bitch.

Christianity was built on the backs of other religions. The Bible
itself seems like utter nonsense to me (it's just not logical). Then there is
the fact that there is so much hypocrisy in the ranks and so much killing and
hate done in the name of Christianity that I can't associate myself with

None of the so-called prophets in the major religious doctrines were
ever considered nor personally referred to as Christians. Christ is a title
meaning "anointed", not the last name of someone conceived during the Nice
Council of 325 AD. It is also not my responsibility to judge another, as the one
commonly referred to as Jesus practiced Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice,
all which are in accordance to universal & Divine Law. I personally think
that living under those precepts (to also include remaining humble)makes one
more Christ-like than those who pick and choose their faith to justify their
character flaws, ignorance, and/or arrogance. The systematic approach of being
forced to live in the way of the oppressor is contradictive to the scriptures;
if my aura or character is reflective of my spirit, then it should not matter
what I know or believe, period!

Because I am a muslim and I am happy with my beleifs. I have a lot of
christian friends though. I could never understand why do we always try to
convert people from one faith to the other?? No one can prove any of the
religions as the absolute truth

I am not a Christian because I found that another faith matched me
better. I am not against Christians, I respect some greatly. During my life I
considered several faiths. The point that turns me off is when any faith judges
other ones and states they are the only true one. Faith is belief in universal
truths for me. While Christianity has faith in it, Buddhism has touched my soul.
I do not believe in literal figure heads, just the acts and outcomes of those
that profess. I believe that all are entitled to find relief from suffering. We
all have a difficult path in life. I do not sway to the beliefs of others. I do
not sway other's beliefs. It is about mutual respect.

These are just a few responses. There are TONS more. (read here)
I applaud these people for sharing their real thoughts and stories. These are REAL questions and ideas that Christians have, for the most part, belittled other's spiritual beliefs and thoughts. I think that there these thoughts/questions and when taken seriously, cause us to re-examine ourselves and our own "religion" or "doctrines". If we are all made in the "Image of God", then truly looking at another person's narrative/life... it's almost like looking in the mirror, and at the same time a window into the face of God. But what does that mean for us?

Your Thoughts?


  1. thanks for pointing me to this. what an excellent question to ask and hear answers about...

    mike rucker
    fairburn, georgia, usa

  2. I agree, and as always, it is my pleasure to share! I speak about it in my next post too! you should listen to one or two of the sermons when the get done, I'd love to hear your thoughts. I think he even mentions Keller's book in the first sermon.
    thanks mike