Wednesday, February 27, 2008

This is where I live

It's both a beautiful and desolate place.
A place of calm ebb and flow, and crushing waves.
Sometimes I can't tell the difference.

The sun rises on one side and sets on the other,
yet at neither time of the day
does it illuminate which way I should go.

The day will be clear.
Then, without warning,
A storm will show up out of nowhere.

Day will become night,
Smoothe becomes rough
Up cannot be distinguished from down.

This is a land of many questions,
A land with few answers to match.
A land of paradoxes!

Am I swimming towards shore, or simply treading water?

How can one place be

A place of hurt
A place of hope.

A place of excitement and adventure.
A place of confusion loss.

A place where one min. I'm confortable
And one I am screaming for rescue.

This is where I live...
this is my wilderness....
this is life.... this is faith!

Beautiful, confusing,
and desolate
all at the same time!


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