Friday, January 14, 2011

A Great Pairing

I recently got both of these for Christmas. (ok, well I used my Christmas "splurge" $ and a gift card to get these for myself for Christmas. (Can I just say the Complete Collection Ed. of Lost is AWESOME!)

I will admit, that I was/am a big "Lost" fan. I think it was a brilliant show that might have even been a little ahead of it's time. But like the show or not, and like the way Season 6 ended or not, this show was one of the biggest and best social commentaries of our age. I think that we have only begun to scratch the surface of what "Lost" had to offer.

is a great pairing when going back through the series. I am also a big fan of the ".....and Philosophy" series of books. This book is a great entry into some of the greatest themes from the history of philosophy as seen through great philosophers of our day! Philosophy has made it's home in the academia portion of the mind, but as "Lost" shows us (as well as the "Philosophy and Popular Culture" series), Philosophy was an ongoing conversation with life and the way we live. The best shows and movies are overflowing with deep and eternal philosophical concepts. In addition, every decision we make each day is tied to some deep-seeded philosophical understandings within ourselves! Philosophy (and theology seen as a branch of philosophy) is very practical... more than we even consciously realize.

Along with the ever helpful, "Lostpedia" (Which I always spent an hr. on each day after the new episode aired), this book delves into some of the major philosophical themes that made the show so great. Truly a Postmodern show, "Lost" holds a mirror up to our lives, hopes, fears, dreams...all of the things that drive our lives and the ways that we choose to live. So do yourself a favor, get the absolute most that "Lost" has to offer: Ourselves! And having a little aid like the "Ultimate Lost and Philosophy", will help make sure that something as simple as "entertainment" can truly give you insight to self-understanding!

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