Monday, June 15, 2009

Thoughts While Observing Life

I love when I sit back and watch kids doing an activity, and all of the sudden something they've done teaches me a lesson. I truly think that there is endless depth to the ideas of "faith like a child" and how much kids have to teach us!

Yesterday at a birthday party that I was taking photos for, I watched as my wife led some different activities for the group of kids ages 4-6. One of the activities had the kids putting in different ingredients to make something between Silly Putty and Nickelodeon slime. However, as with happens with a bunch of kids and a little chaos, the ingredients weren't measured correctly and it didn't come out like it was supposed to.

But here's the thing that really hit me. The stuff still felt weird, slimy and cool while they were mixing it up with their eager little hands. They were so excited by the most simple of senses: touch. They would say things like, "ewwwwww", "gross," and "that's so cool". But they could not get enough of touching the wet putty-like substance. Did they care that it didn't turn out like it was supposed to in the end? NO! Not in the least! They were so in the moment simply enjoying that instance in their journey.

Too often we waste each moment of our lives by looking for what's on the other side. As we grow older, we seem to lose the sense of excitement and giddiness that comes with the moment...with the journey.

Man, we have so much to learn from kids. There is something unblemished...innocent... something holy in them that seems to fade as we become adults. Perhaps we can blame life for doing that to us...or perhaps we should blame ourselves for ALLOWING life to take it from us. Perhaps we can be retaught to immerse ourselves in each moment of our journey!

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