Thursday, February 05, 2009

Adding To The Mix

I apologize for being slightly negligent on the blog this week.  It has been busy.  I hope to make it up to both you who read my posts regularly:)

Until then I thought I would point you to another post that explains an exciting opportunity that I am partaking in.  A conversation being put together by by good friend Tripp (PhD student at Claremont and co-blogger/podcaster of Homebrewed Christianity) for Transforming Theology.  

You can read all about it over at "Recliner Ramblings", who is also participating in this project.  
Here's also a video explaining the overall project.  

This is a huge project that could make a lot of positive and effective changes in many areas of Christian Life.  The beauty is that it isn't just in the academic world, but that this can impact and change for "the people in the pews" as well.  I'm grateful to be a part of this.  Your comments can also add to this conversation!

The book I will be discussing (as seen on my "Kindle Kollection" sidebar) is Incarnation and Imagination: A Christian Ethic of Ingenuity By Darby Kathleen Ray.  You should see AT LEAST one post concerning this book as I read, but we may also look at some of her thoughts as we go.  Your comments will be welcome here and I hope that we both enjoy the ride.  

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