Monday, January 12, 2009

Biblical Criticism and Postmodern Christians

An interesting post by Tony Cartledge @ Campbell Divinity School over at his blog. The post is entitled: Biblical criticism, when the new becomes old. (click title and give it a read!)

Are those of us who embrace more postmodern methods of exegesis and interpretation throwing away the academic approaches we learned in our studies in favor of other preferred methods? Simply because we have moved past modernity, doesn't mean that we leave behind all of the experiences and methods available to us behind with it. That's assuming that we've truly left modernity behind, which I argue that we are still in transition and have not arrived.

No, if we are truly experience gatherers, then we must use as many tools at our disposal for understanding and interpreting the Bible as possible. If we don't, then we are not what we claim to be as postmodern Christians. In fact, it takes us away from our claimed "holistic approach" back to simply picking and choosing once again. It takes us out of the conversation, and puts us back in a bubble. It deceives us since it is a different bubble than the Christianity out of which most of us emerged, but it is still a bubble that ignores realities.

your thoughts?

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