Saturday, April 19, 2008

Laughing Until I Cry

Some ASBO Jesus that I've been collecting when thinking about churches and Christians from my experiences...enjoy:

Art by jon birch


  1. I really like the last one.


  2. Thanks Jimmy,
    (altho that will have to be passed on to the artist)

    I saved that "best for last" because, no pun intended, it is def. the most relevant one to my life experience at this point! having now gone through TWO bad (back to back) church experiences, I am immediately and cynical about a "church in a building". I passed by one of my former church buildings the other day (it is a nice "traditional" style church...steeple and all), and I really felt as if that architectural structure could no longer be considered "Church" for me, altho it still is A church. I was struck hard by that thought and it was a very sad realization.

    It seems that a church building may be the icon, a representation of my former bondage, while the lack of one (like the OUTLINE in the picture) now represents that freedom from the to be the person that Christ has called me to be...and it SEEMS (although I know this is not universally accurate) that a church (at least any I've met) are looking to allow people to become whom it is God is making them into. Instead it represents a place that is about politics, status quo, consumerism, conformity, lack of creativity,indoctrination, and bondage.

    That being said, I would like to state that I am looking for a church (traditional style building or not) that proves me wrong on those ideas. As a matter of fact, I pray for just that every isn't a challenge, it is a cry of hope!

    thanks Jimmy!!!