Friday, September 28, 2007

In Repair (pt.4): It's Funny Because It's True

Below is some artistic commentary about the Church that I have personally experienced in most churches i've worked in and grew up in. I'll let them speak for themselves. What are your thoughts?

This last one ESPECIALLY Speaks to my experience working in my last church. (see "in Repair Saga)
Art by Jon Birch


  1. The last one was the best - the prophet getting kicked out. Wny were Old Testament prophets unpopular? Because they spoke GOD'S TRUTH.

  2. Blah...Blah...Blah.

    So what did the minister preach about today. Oh I don't know... Jesus maybe?

    But I also thought the last one was great. Define tolerant.


  3. hmmm.... I looked that up in my church dictionary and my oxford theological dictionary and came up blank.... so, upon further observations I have concluded that these are examples of how I HAVE SEEN a church PRACTICE tolerance...form your own definition:

    1) the congregation is tolerant of the preacher holding them past 12, as long as he only does it 2 Sundays out of the month.

    2) In return, the pastor is tolerant of the people who sleep during his sermons, as long as they don't snore.

    3) A church is tolerant of any non wed. or Sunday activities as long as there is food involved.

    4) a church is tolerant of most songs performed in church as long as it has the word "Jesus" in it and is not to loud.

    5) the pastor is tolerant of his congregation as long as they keep their questions to a minimum, and accept "Jesus, God, Heaven, hell, or Sin" as the answer when they have questions.

    6) A pastor is tolerant of his deacons as long as they do what he says.

    7) The deacons are tolerant of the pastor as long as he does what they say.

    8) A White, Middle-class, Americanized, conservative, rural church is tolerant of White, Middle-class, Americanized, conservative, rural people.

    :) IDK, what do you think???

    (DISCLAIMER: this was meant to be a lighthearted comment, please take no offense!!!! In no way does this encompass every church, any one church, or any spicific persons. Any similarities to a single individual or church is simply coincidental or really sad)