Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Distance Calls

As some of you know I will be leaving my church very shortly. I have come to a point in my life, after 2 semesters of questioning and thinking, where action is now required. I am venturing out in search of what God has next for me. As life has it though, I am not exactly sure where the next step will lead. There is a twinkle of light in the overshadowed road ahead, but all I can do is follow the voice of my calling to wherever it may take me.

Below is a poem that I have written as my last newsletter article. I do not claim to be a very good poet, but these sets of couplets capture the pain and confusion that I am feeling, and that others may feel when they know that one chapter of their life is coming to a close yet the next chapter has not yet started. I hope that it communicates the love that I have given and received to those I am leaving as well as letting all of us realize that the past is never as far behind as we might think. It may not be W.B. Yeates, but it is from my heart...feel free to comment as always!


The distance calls, you hear its cry.
It beckons, "follow me into the night"
You look down the road you cannot see
You hear the voice, "trust in me".

Looking back you see where you've been
The tears ask why it has to end
"Why can't I stay?" you ask the dark.
While ahead of you ignites a spark.

It's not enough to light your way.
But it lets you know that you can't stay.
Glance back once more, oh! The memories.
Again, your heart begins to grieve.

A smile, a tear, you see those you've loved.
You say a prayer to up above!
Your eyes still linger, just one more look!
You're happy with the path you took.

Once again you hear that voice,
It says that you must make a choice!
"Life goes on, you cannot bend,
For this is not your journey's end"

With a sigh, you take a step.
You tell yourself, "no regrets".
You journey towards that newfound light,
But find the past is never really out of sight.

It encourages; it cheers you on!
For those you leave are never really gone.

Again the voice: "stick with me."
As more and more, you begin to see.
A new adventure is just ahead,
Found on this path that you now tread.

You say, "farewell, we now must part."
You know that this is just the start.
The start of what? I do not know.
However, the future has a lot to show!

But, leave a light in that window pane,
For by God's grace we'll meet again.
"So long, goodbye!" you turn and wave,
As the newfound dark becomes your day!

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  1. Love your poem. It makes me sad as this was my twin brother's dream that he lived. Till we were 21, we had never been apart over 3 days. It was a shock to hear him say, "I've decide to go to Alaska" and 4 hours later he was gone.
    Now 53 years later, our paths have not crossed very often.
    Rex Ray