Thursday, June 08, 2006

Hello, my name is...

Ok, so i know it's been a while since i have blogged, but life just gets in the way of writing. However, i do make it a habit of checking up on other people's blogs, so i hope that someone somewhere will come back to mine:)

My campus minister (whose blog you can find linked to in my links section Twist of Faith) found this wonderful test on the web and i decided to take it. I think it is a wonderful quiz, although i am sure that it is scientifically flawed. However, it does kinda nail me pretty well. Here are my results (take it yourself off his blog link and post your resutls).

Classical Liberal
Modern Liberal
Evangelical Holiness/Wesleyan
Roman Catholic
Neo orthodox
Reformed Evangelical

This got me thinking though. This got me thinking about the labels we place on people. In Div. School it was joked that I was the resident liberal. Although I wore the title with pride, i know that the label itself automatically turned people away from me. My opinion was very rarely asked for because most would assume that i would give a liberal answer. Yes it is true that i like to give an (as my friend leanne refers to me in her latest blog (golden child link) ) ATYPICAL answer. Why is that i wonder? IDK? a question to consider for another blog session! But really? Does that automatically make me a liberal?

Back to labels! why do we have labels. Especially in our Christian culture you HAVE to have a label. Another Christian will meet you and want to know are you a Fundamentalist, Conservitive, Moderate, Liberal, Calvinist, Arminian, Baptist, Catholic, Luthern, Seventh-day....
well, i think you see my flow here. Why are labels sooooooo important to people. Its interesting because when someone asks you to identify yourself, it is a test to see what kind of steriotype template can be laid upon you. It is also to see if you are part of the "CLUB" or not. If i answer with the label that that asker is seeking, then i am "in" and the person automatically thinks good things of me. However, if i do not guess the correct answer to the appropriate question, then onnly negitive assumtions are made.

What a terrible way to interact with people. As you could see from the test above, I am a little of each (with the exception of fundamentalist, but i am sure there is a margin of error). I DO NOT fit nice and neat into one catagory. If someone asks me if i am fundamentalist, moderate, or liberal, according to the test liberal would be the correct answer, but what does that really say about me? Am i classical liberal or modern liberal? I seem to be equally both. Does this make me 136% liberal? Actually, the proper label would be (again according to the test) emergent/postmodern... but that wasn't one of my options.

Why can't I just be me? Why must we wear labels? Why do we feel the need to label others? We've always done it throughout history. Jew vs. Gentile, Christian vs. Non-, Black vs. White, Male vs. Female...conservitive vs. liberal. Instead of asking me to label myself, why not let me buy you a cup of coffiee, we sit down like civililzed people, and REALLY get to know each other? Maybe we would see that no one truly can fit under one label!


  1. I'm sorry...I have to label you as a wonderful and loving husband! You're stuck with that one!

  2. If anyone knows who this response is from, please let me know...i just have soooo many wives, i dont want to mention this to the wrong one!:)

  3. Hey Label Boy, post the link to the test. I want to see how Catholic I am. Also, when you gonna show up to game night at AF&G?