Monday, October 17, 2005


As many of you who read my blog know, the purpose of my blogging at this point in time is to journal and explore some of my theological frustrations with church. So far i think it has been very helpful. Below is a sermon I preached on Oct. 16. The sermon was not meant to be a produt of my blogging/exploration, but i guess when you feel strongly about something, you can't help but let it slip past your guard. I have enjoyed and benifited so much from your feedback, that i now invite you to critique this sermon. Please do not critique grammer/spelling, but i ask you to Critique and add your comments and thoughts pertaining to the overall message being presented.
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  1. You did a really good job painting a picture of birth. You made it graphic and grabbed our attention from the beginning. This helped later as you drew the connection between natural birth and our new birth in Christ both being a messy, complicated, yet beautiful process—a radical rebirth.

    Although I love the history, I might would say leave out some of the explanations on the Book of John. I think you may have been trying to connect the idea of darkness to light with the being born from a dark womb to the light world. I have to stretch it a bit in my mind to make the story work with the theme you presented of John. It may be more important to concentrate the audience’s attention with the difference of this new spiritual “being born into light” rather a physical “being born into light.” I do think you’ve got good ideas there for a lesson, just maybe too much for a sermon. It just felt like it interrupted your connection between the birth pictures and the picture of Jesus and Nicodemus.

    This is a difficult passage because you can come at it from so many angles. I can usually guess the angles preachers will take, but I didn’t guess yours and was pleasantly surprised! I look forward to the next one.